Every Christian has a role in fulfilling the Great Commission, but many don’t feel equipped. This camp will change the way participants think about their role in God’s kingdom. (Test yourself in this trivia about the kingdom & gospel) Camp Commission will run for 5 days, including a outreach phase where participants will conduct evangelistic endeavors. There is also a leaders’ training for those who feel called to help lead the camp. Please see the “STAFF TRAINING” section for more information about that. Every Christian has a role in fulfilling the Great Commission, but many just don’t feel equipped.  This camp will change the way you think about your role in God’s kingdom. Camp Commission is being conducted in partnership with YWAM Dumaguete. They will be training some of our own youth to be on staff during the camp. This training will take part during the first 3 days. See STAFF TRAINING below for more information about this. This will be an excellent training opportunity for those who want to learn more about running a camp. In Camp Commission, youth will learn about God’s Kingdom, how to share the Gospel in your sphere of influence, and who you are in Christ.
7 Spheres of Society (click for more information)
In this session you will learn about the many different “spheres” or “mountains” of society, and how you can be used to influence society in each one.
Missions and Evangelism (click for more information)
In this session you will learn about how close missions and evangelism is to God’s heart. He wants us to be heavily involved in this, and yet many Christians simply are not. We lack direction, desire, and even some understanding.
Biblical Worldview (click for more information)
The culture of the kingdom is very different from the culture of the world. Our worldview is what defines our culture. In this session you will learn about the things that make up a Biblical understanding of the world.
Intercession (click for more information)
Everyone prays, but do we intercede for others in a Biblical manner. In our churches we are taught to pray and intercede for others, but often we don’t really know HOW to do it in a way that brings glory to God.
Discipleship (click for more information)
Discipleship is how we are taught kingdom and Biblical principles. To really worship our powerful God, we need to grow in an understanding of WHO He is and HOW He operated.
Understanding your Shape (click for more information)
God has given us all abilities and gifts. Knowing how He created us is key to knowing How to serve Him as we should. In this session, you will begin to step into that knowledge.
Destiny by Design (click for more information)
Hearing God’s Voice (click for more information)
This may be the greatest struggle for youth and people who are “adulting”. It can be hard to hear God’s voice – even more in today’s world of strife. If we want to make right decisions – where to God to school, college, our jobs – we need to be able to clearly hear from God, through His voice, situations, and His word.
Godly Relationships (click for more information)
<strong>What is the Kingdom of God?</strong>
  • This is a phrase we don’t talk about very often, but it’s found many times in the Word of God
  • It is the unseen Kingdom that all believers belong to when Jesus becomes your King.
  • Although this Kingdom can’t be seen visibly (yet), we can see it through faith
  • In the Kingdom, there are both responsibilities and blessings.
  • You will want to join this camp to learn more about the Kingdom and how to know the responsibility of all believers and the blessings that you will receive as part of His Kingdom.

  • It’s definitely time to start to identify the different ways we ALL can serve God’s mission (reaching people for Jesus), and what YOU can do.

STAFF TRAINING Before the camp, there will be a 3-day training for camp staff. This is an excellent opportunity for youth to learn more about running a camp. Camp staff should be 20 years old and above and endorsed by their pastor. CAMP DETAILS Leaders training: June 26(1pm) – 28 Camp Lecture phase: June 29 – July 1 Camp Outreach phase: July 2 & 3
Leaders Training (3 days) P600 (Food and lodging)* The arrival time of the leadership phase is 1pm on Sunday, the 25th. Who can join the leaders training? (click for more information) Camp (3+2 days) P1,500 (Food and lodging)The learning phase will be held for 3 days at the YWAM center Tubod, Daro, Dumaguete City. The outreach phase will be for 2 days in San Jose or Amlan.
You will be contacted with more information once your registration has been submitted. The registration and half-payment deadline is June 4.
For More Information
For more information, contact Ptr. Andrew Scribner (63-917-896-9335) email or messenger.