The Amlan church actually started in San Jose in 2016 as a feeding program. But it started as a dream in Pastor Dodong Maher’s mind back in 2014. Pastor Dodong started going there but soon stopped due to health reasons. Children’s and adults’ Bible studies were held every Sunday afternoon in Barangay Kanipaan. The kids’ afternoon Sunday school class taught by sister Clair Arquisal was well attended. On the other hand, only very few adults attended the Bible study. On February 3, 2017, our 26th church anniversary, we held a crusade in the covered court of San Jose. Brother Shaun Dolley of the US who was fellowshipping in WIN Dumaguete gave his testimony as Sister Vangie Arbon translated for him. Later that month, Sister Inday Diputado joined the San Jose ministry as Bible study leader/teacher. Eventually, the adults’ Bible study group increased in number, including women from the other side of town. Also in February, Pastor Tony Suelto, a classmate of Sis Inday from Bible school, joined the Bible study team and helped with the praise and worship. In March 2017, we opened a Bible study in the home of Pastor Tony’s parents (Sister Minda and Brother Tonying who joined the Lord in August 2018). In the latter part of 2017, sister Clair started the Tapon B children’s ministry sponsored by Hope for Kids Philippines. The original group of children from part of this group. The children are being fed spiritually and physically. Other young people/YAs have joined to help Sis Clair with the kids: Clarisse Visagas, Cristhel Talorete-Gabriel, and Clarence Arquisal, among others. In August 2018, Pastor Lito Lajot of WIN Bayawan came to Dumaguete and helped us with the San Jose outreach ministry. He continued the Bible study at Sister Minda Suelto’s home and started a Bible study in Tapon B. In 2019, pastor Tony Suelto officially took over the church and helped it grow, and soon after Pastor Bernard Resoor took over. The church moved back to Kanipaan where it grew in number. When there was a small problem in that area, pastor Bernard moved the church to Amlan, his hometown. Currently, he is constructing a church building near his house.