Always Provides

This is about the construction progress… but also so much more. God always provides, and man often forgets. This is consistent with the Bible, as we read in Exodus, and throughout the journey of Israel, in David’s life, and almost every Bible character… Funny how it works in our lives though. We forget (at least I often do) the times that God has provided in the past. We always pray, which is fine, but often we worry more than pray. Almost every situation that introduces a new aspect of trust (for example: trust in regards to money, friends, family, vehicle, or food) gives us a new challenge in trust. So, besides our forgetfulness, one barrier in trusting God are new situations that he puts us in. And in all this, it is like a good teacher who allows us to be tested just beyond what we can handle (a misinterpreted verse there) and thereby grow. For it is in the just beyond what we can handle* that we truly grow, for then we learn to trust God fully. I have been overseeing the church construction, which, for me, is a good experience. I am learning quite a bit, making new connections, but more than that, my faith is expanding. I have really experienced last-minute blessings. Just today, as we were installing the air-conditioning system, someone handed me money which covered the material cost of the installation. Glory to God! Every step of the way in our life, when our faith grows, it grows through testing – as fire tests precious stone and metal. This is why the Bible also mentions these elements several times. It seems like our life is a never-ending test, and this is not a test as if God needs to know us, but so that we will know closer to Him. How have you grown in faith lately?