Good training

If anyone teaches a different doctrine and does not agree with the sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching that accords with godliness…

1 Timothy 6:3

One thing that I have learned after several years of pastoring in the Philippines is that there is a great need for Bible exegesis. And of course, this isn’t just here, but everywhere in the world. The Church, or what we think is the church, as so often departed from true Christianity. The Bible is not silent about this, and it’s apparent that Paul faced this rising problem as Christianity was just beginning. How much more now? The need for theology schools and training centers is huge. I have heard it said that all you need is passion. Well, not really. Paul spoke about his own people who had zeal without knowledge. Although the context is different, it fits into our dilemma. Many people are going into ministry without enough training and end up becoming too dogmatic, getting burnt out, teaching false doctrines, and a plethora of other things. I believe that God is calling me to use the church as a training base for Christians who want to learn more about God. If you want to know more about my vision, please ask me. We need Christians who have passion and love for God, know Him intimately, and know about Him. God bless you In Christ, pastor Andrew

Always Provides

This is about the construction progress… but also so much more. God always provides, and man often forgets. This is consistent with the Bible, as we read in Exodus, and throughout the journey of Israel, in David’s life, and almost every Bible character… Funny how it works in our lives though. We forget (at least I often do) the times that God has provided in the past. We always pray, which is fine, but often we worry more than pray. Almost every situation that introduces a new aspect of trust (for example: trust in regards to money, friends, family, vehicle, or food) gives us a new challenge in trust. So, besides our forgetfulness, one barrier in trusting God are new situations that he puts us in. And in all this, it is like a good teacher who allows us to be tested just beyond what we can handle (a misinterpreted verse there) and thereby grow. For it is in the just beyond what we can handle* that we truly grow, for then we learn to trust God fully. I have been overseeing the church construction, which, for me, is a good experience. I am learning quite a bit, making new connections, but more than that, my faith is expanding. I have really experienced last-minute blessings. Just today, as we were installing the air-conditioning system, someone handed me money which covered the material cost of the installation. Glory to God! Every step of the way in our life, when our faith grows, it grows through testing – as fire tests precious stone and metal. This is why the Bible also mentions these elements several times. It seems like our life is a never-ending test, and this is not a test as if God needs to know us, but so that we will know closer to Him. How have you grown in faith lately?


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Patience Achieved Through Baking  Chapter1: Claudine’s Impatience Claudine was an energetic six-year-old who always wanted things done quickly. She would often get impatient with her mother, who was a single parent working hard to provide for her family. Claudine would frequently ask for new toys and clothes, and would get upset when her mother said she couldn’t afford them at the moment.   One day, Claudine’s mother had to work overtime and Claudine was left alone at home. She became bored and wanted to go out to play with her friends, but her mother had told her she couldn’t go out until she returned. Claudine became increasingly impatient, and decided to sneak out of the house without her mother’s permission.   Chapter 2: Claudine’s Adventure Claudine walked out of the house and ran to her friend’s house down the street. She had a great time playing and laughing, but as the day went on, she began to realize that she was lost. She didn’t know her way back home and her phone was dead. Claudine started to feel scared and alone, and wished her mother were there to help her.   As she walked around the neighborhood, she saw many other children playing and having fun with their families. Claudine felt a pang of jealousy as she realized she had taken her own family for granted. She missed her mother and wished she had listened to her instead of sneaking out.   Chapter 3: Claudine’s Realization As the sun began to set, Claudine found herself in a park. She sat down on a bench and cried. She realized that her impatience had led her to make a big mistake. She thought about all the things her mother did for her and how much she loved her. Claudine knew she had to apologize to her mother for disobeying her.   Just as she was about to leave the park and try to find her way back home, she heard her mother’s voice calling her name. Her mother had been out looking for her all day, and had finally found her in the park. Claudine ran to her mother and hugged her tightly, apologizing for her actions.   Chapter 4: Claudine’s Learning Claudine’s mother hugged her back and told her how worried she had been. She explained that she had only said no to Claudine’s requests because she wanted to make sure they could afford them. Claudine felt guilty and promised to be more patient and understanding in the future.   From that day on, Claudine learned the value of patience. She stopped constantly asking for things and instead, waited for the right time. She also learned to appreciate her mother’s hard work and all that she did for her family. Claudine started to understand that sometimes things take time and that it’s important to be patient and wait for the right moment.   Chapter 5: Claudine’s Growth As time passed, Claudine grew into a well-mannered and thoughtful young lady. She no longer took her mother for granted and helped her with household chores. She realized that her mother’s love for her and her family was the most important thing in the world. Her mother was proud of her daughter’s maturity and the growth she had shown.   Claudine’s impatience had taught her a valuable lesson and had helped her grow into a more understanding and patient person. She was grateful for her mother’s guidance and love and was determined to always remember the lesson she had learned. From then on, Claudine’s life was filled with love, patience, and gratitude.


The Amlan church actually started in San Jose in 2016 as a feeding program. But it started as a dream in Pastor Dodong Maher’s mind back in 2014. Pastor Dodong started going there but soon stopped due to health reasons. Children’s and adults’ Bible studies were held every Sunday afternoon in Barangay Kanipaan. The kids’ afternoon Sunday school class taught by sister Clair Arquisal was well attended. On the other hand, only very few adults attended the Bible study. On February 3, 2017, our 26th church anniversary, we held a crusade in the covered court of San Jose. Brother Shaun Dolley of the US who was fellowshipping in WIN Dumaguete gave his testimony as Sister Vangie Arbon translated for him. Later that month, Sister Inday Diputado joined the San Jose ministry as Bible study leader/teacher. Eventually, the adults’ Bible study group increased in number, including women from the other side of town. Also in February, Pastor Tony Suelto, a classmate of Sis Inday from Bible school, joined the Bible study team and helped with the praise and worship. In March 2017, we opened a Bible study in the home of Pastor Tony’s parents (Sister Minda and Brother Tonying who joined the Lord in August 2018). In the latter part of 2017, sister Clair started the Tapon B children’s ministry sponsored by Hope for Kids Philippines. The original group of children from part of this group. The children are being fed spiritually and physically. Other young people/YAs have joined to help Sis Clair with the kids: Clarisse Visagas, Cristhel Talorete-Gabriel, and Clarence Arquisal, among others. In August 2018, Pastor Lito Lajot of WIN Bayawan came to Dumaguete and helped us with the San Jose outreach ministry. He continued the Bible study at Sister Minda Suelto’s home and started a Bible study in Tapon B. In 2019, pastor Tony Suelto officially took over the church and helped it grow, and soon after Pastor Bernard Resoor took over. The church moved back to Kanipaan where it grew in number. When there was a small problem in that area, pastor Bernard moved the church to Amlan, his hometown. Currently, he is constructing a church building near his house.