Across DENR, Taclobo, Dumaguete City
Chapter 1: The Beginning of Martopia

Before Martopia’s creation, there was but a vast expanse of untamed wilderness, untouched by civilization. It was in this pristine landscape that the Overlord, a visionary with a heart for community, first set foot. He came to this place with a vision to create a city that would be untouched by evil. A place where good would thrive.

Using his knowledge of architecture, agriculture, and governance, he, and his son, worked tirelessly to come up with ideas on how they could design and rule a place that would be near-perfect, and where human corruption would be few and far between.

They came up with a governance structure rooted in principles of transparency, accountability, and communal well-being. They wanted everyone to have a say in how things were run. So, they planned town-hall meetings where people could talk about problems and give ideas. This would make everyone feel like they were part of the team and stopped any hidden agendas.

  “We need to make sure everyone has a say in how things are run,” said the Overlord, his voice steady with determination. “We’ll hold regular meetings where everyone can share their thoughts and concerns.”

The Mayor nodded in agreement. “We’ll need strict rules and checks to make sure no one abuses their power. Transparency is key.”

As the fledgling town began to take shape, word of its promise spread like wildfire, attracting settlers from far and wide. A mayor was carefully chosen by the Overlord and his son – a charismatic figure whose charm masked a hunger for influence. Initially, his arrival brought a sense of excitement and camaraderie, as the trio worked hand in hand to build their shared vision.

But it wasn’t just about rules. The leaders themselves had to be honest and fair. They shouldn’t try to get rich or boss people around. Instead, they would work hard to make sure everyone in Martopia was happy and looked after.

The Overlord, his son, and the mayor all worked hard to come up with a plan on how these checks and balances would work.

“Our system seems good,” they all agreed.

The Overlord smiled, “Together, we can create a town where everyone looks out for each other and works together for the common good.”

They also would teach everyone in Martopia to be good people. As soon as people started to move in, they were taught about things like being kind and telling the truth. By making sure everyone knew how to be good, they would keep Martopia a nice place to live, where people cared about each other and worked together.

However, as time wore on, whispers of ambition began to poison the Mayor’s heart. It was almost impossible to discern at first, except for the Overlord. He seemed to discern the heart of the Mayor, and attempted to steer him back onto the path of collective prosperity.